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Luma Sales - Lighting the Way

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Smart Panels by INSIGHT


Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition

Best in Class 2014 - Finelite Series 11 LED Micro Profile and Micro Flex Cove Luminaires

Intense Lighting "Gravity High Lumen Downlight"

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Welcome to  Luma Sales

Innovative Lighting Solutions

Luma Sales is a manufacturer's representative of fully Independent Lighting and Controls manufacturers serving specification, design, construction and distribution professionals located in

  • Minnesota

  • North Dakota

  • South Dakota   

  • Western Wisconsin

Luma Sales is dedicated to bringing you the very best in lighting products. As the fully Independent Lighting Agency of leading manufacturers we are able to provide an alternative to the limitations of conglomerate packages.


We offer hands on assistance and will consistently work with you to provide the highest quality service and support.  We have the capability to offer alternate solutions to your lighting needs, mock-ups of the solutionsyou are looking for, photometric and lighting calculation assistance, and provide fast and accurate quotes.

Our sales teams get to know your name.  Our focus is on developing a solution that allows you to capture the best value for your dollar, and at the same time not compromise on quality. 

When you are looking for an innovative solution, or something just outside of the ordinary, we are the right partner to call.  Many of our customers first started out with us because they were looking for something that the other guys either could not do, or were not willing to think outside the box.  One of our hallmarks is that we do the hard stuff.

Let us know how we can be of service to you!

 Luma Sales - Lighting the Way


Featured Products


High Performance 2 inch Aperture (HP-2)







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